ElFaleh Sports House cooperates with the best manufacturers, and is committed to a two-year quality guarantee on all electrical parts, and a one-year comprehensive warranty on electric treadmills.
General exclusions not covered by the warranty:
  • Defects or malfunctions arising from consumer misuse, non-compliance with usage instructions, negligence, accidents, vandalism, exposing the product to various weather factors, maintenance work that does not conform to the product’s recommendations, or neglect to perform periodic maintenance.
  • If the serial numbers have been tampered with, changed or removed.
  • If any of the components of the device has been opened and tampered with.
  • Replacement costs for lost or worn parts.
  • The warranty does not include transportation costs from the customer's place to maintenance and back.
  • The warranty does not include damage to the device due to repairs carried out by non-authorized workshops.
  • Periodic inspection of the device, adjusting its work, and performing periodic maintenance.
  • Damage to the device due to accidents, negligence, modifications, use of spare parts not from Al-Faleh Sports House, disassembly or installation error.
  • Damage caused by lightning, water, fire or others, faulty electrical current or poor ventilation, or failure to follow the instructions in the device manual.
  • The responsibility of Al-Faleh Sports House does not exceed, in the most cases, the actual price paid for the device in the event of an agreement on a special settlement related to the indirect damage to the device.
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